A holistic view of wellness

At UNE we take a holistic view of wellness — defined as physical health in balance with mental and emotional health. Between our fitness facilities, resources, and professional staff, you have multiple options for activities, assessments, and opportunities to help you be the most fulfilling version of yourself.

Mindfulness and Mental Health

We’ve got you! Every student faces some challenges during their college experience. Our student support team provides the personalized tools and guidance you need to be healthy and comfortable, and to find success as a member of the Nor'easter family.

Physical Wellness

Become an active Nor’easter! Whether you enjoy outdoor hiking, skiing, or attending a workout class, we can get you moving. Our friendly and highly trained professional staff at our Campus Center (Biddeford) and Finley Recreation Center (Portland) will help you find what you need to progress in your personal fitness and health journey.

A group of U N E students standing on rocks during a hiking trip

Professional Development

Students have the opportunity to develop critical skills, such as time management, conflict resolution, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, through engagement with the jobs and leadership opportunities provided by units across the Division of Student Affairs. Whether you need guidance on career planning, tutoring, or writing services, UNE can help you hone the skills that matter most to employers.


Student Affairs employs more than 250 student employees annually.


To support students in attending professional conferences, workshops, meetings, and in organization memberships.*

*Individual grant funding provided by the Graduate and Professional Student Association

Training hours to Resident Advisors and Community Assistants.*

*Provided by the Office of Housing and Residential Education/Commuter Life in 2022

Support Services

Never be afraid to ask for support. Find the resources you need to thrive at UNE. 

Explore our athletic, recreation, and fitness facilities

Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus

The University is dedicated to promoting a healthy environment for all students, employees, and visitors. The use of any tobacco or smoked products, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited anywhere on campus, including personal vehicles parked on UNE property.

Learn more about UNE's tobacco-free campus

Read the full tobacco and smoke-free policy (PDF)